In our opinion, there’s really no comparison – in-home pet sitting is clearly the best choice for your pets, as well as your own peace of mind. In the past dog kennels and pet boarding facilities were often the only choice, aside from imposing on a friend, neighbor or family member. Someone who leaves town frequently tends to want a more reliable solution that doesn’t involve having to rely on the goodwill of others.

Many people believe in-home pet sitting is more expensive than a dog kennel or pet boarding, but that is often not the case at all – especially if you have more than one pet. TLC Pet Sitting has experienced booming popularity here in Anchorage and around the country.

Dog Kennels / Pet Boarding

Kennels and boarding facilities have improved a great deal over the past decade. Owners of such establishments have certainly made a concerted effort to improve your pet’s experience during their stay. Kennels and pet boarding establishments today tend to be cleaner, have fewer animals and provide more one-on-one attention than in years past. That said, there are still risks involved with having your pet stay in a kennel that are simply unavoidable, no matter how high their standards may be.

Advantages of Pet Sitters

Choosing TLC Pet Sitting over a kennel clearly has a number of advantages when it comes to personalized service and overall pet safety. First, your pets remain safe and sound in their everyday environment – with their favorite spots to nap, familiar sights, sounds and smells…and most importantly, not exposed to other animals. Some pets return home from a visit to the kennel ill – at no fault of the kennel, I might add. It’s just like sending your kids off to school…they’ll be exposed to things there they just aren’t exposed to at home. If they can’t go with you, wouldn’t they rather stay home?

Pet Hotels and Resorts

The inherent flaw of the average kennel or boarding facility is simply the exposure of unfamiliar animals to one another. Pet hotels and resorts have gained a great deal more popularity in Jacksonville, and nationwide, over the past few years because they offer your pet a truly personalized and individual experience. Many pet hotels these days provide “resort-style” amenities and services that will truly leave your pet feeling pampered.

If your budget affords your pet the opportunity to have his own pampered vacation experience at a pet resort, by all means – do it. Pet hotels provide individualized services and amenities, like their own “hotel” room, private play areas, and even “pet spa” treatments like massages and pedicures. If you can’t afford this four-star treatment for your pet, TLC Pet Sitting is clearly a better choice than kennels or boarding.

Pet Sitters – Affordability Meets Quality Service

If your ship has yet to come in and you aren’t in a position to pay as much for your dog’s vacation as you may on your own, in-home pet sitters are probably the next best thing to a pet resort. Pet sitting eliminates the possibility of your precious pets falling ill or being injured because of exposure to other animals, while giving them the chance to stay home where they feel most comfortable.

There are a number of other advantages to pet sitters over kennels – like the additional peace of mind that comes with knowing someone will retrieve your mail and check on your home in your absence. Our customized pet sitting also provides other “peace-of-mind” services like turning lights on and off, watering plants, bringing in newspapers, etc. Find a kennel that will do that!

In-home pet sitters are a great value and the best possible alternative to traditional kennels and boarding. It’s a better solution for you, a better solution for your pets and, if you have a multi-pet household, often a better solution for your budget, as well.